We got screwed

The title wasn’t totally click bait. The van we had been posting about was REAL!

We had a guy custom building our van and it was supposed to be done the week prior to our lease being up. The week we were to pick up our van, the seller had blocked us on social media and put our van up for sale without communicating to us. While we didn’t get the full story as to why. We speculate that he underpriced us (which he did) and realized he could sell the van for more money.

I don’t want to bore you with the drama details but essentially, he totally screwed us. 

So now what? Well, we ended up getting another van! The only downside is it needs to be completely renovated which, is going to take 3 weeks to a month to complete. In the meantime, we’re homeless at the Hilton. We are doing some other cool things in the meantime that we’ll update you on as the story unfolds.

Like, how we got this van for FREE!

Right now, life is less than glamorous. I (Shyanne) stay at the hotel with Oliver while Sebastian is working on a project that we’ll disclose to you at a later time. It’s not an ideal situation but we’re grateful. The year is young and there is still so much adventure ahead!

What have we learned?


The cards you’re dealt aren’t always what you wish they were. It’s how you play them that matters. This situation wasn’t what we planned and it landed us homeless in a hotel. We had to adapt and we had to do it in the span of a week. Life is always going to throw shit your way and it MATTERS very much how you handle it, especially in marriage. Adaptability is the key to navigating life in a way that’s not going to make you miserable. Change is inevitable.

The only constant in your life is change. Don’t fight it. Embrace it and hold everything with an open hand. 


Listen, it doesn’t matter how much of a control freak you are. Control is a complete illusion and the sooner you realize that the happier you’ll be. Life has ebbs and flows and your attitude towards change will determine your reality. What you DO have control over is your attitude towards any given situation. Offense is a choice. Irritability is a choice. Anger is a choice. Not to say that your feelings aren’t ever valid…they are BUT, you do get to choose how you react.

We’ve experienced countless feelings in our crazy journey. Some positive, some negative. What we haven’t done is let our feelings get in the way of our marriage and the bigger picture. We simply had to learn to approach things in a new way. Choosing to have a good attitude and adapt together has grown us individually and as a couple.

While we haven’t always been in ideal situations, the one place that we can make safe and constant is the space we hold with each other. 


Gratitude isn’t something you naturally feel all the time. it’s something you have to choose. The more you choose it the more you’ll exist in its constant state. When you find yourself in a constant state of gratitude, you’ll notice that life is pretty damn wonderful no matter your situation. 

That’s not to say we’re advocates of toxic positivity. There are times to be sad and validate your feelings of disappointment, sadness, and mourning. It’s okay not to feel happy and upbeat all the damn time. Gratitude is the anchor that keeps you from self-pity.

Choose to be grateful. Mostly for your own happiness and sanity. Life is too short to feel like a victim to your circumstances.

-Sebby & Shy (Oliver too!)